Vidatronic Expands FinFET Portfolio with FlexGUARD™ and Power Quencher® Intellectual Property (IP) from 7nm to 4nm Available for License


The new IP products extend and extend Vidatronic’s technology leadership in power management, analog and IP security for advanced microprocessors and high-speed serial interface applications.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – JULY 19, 2022 — Vidatronic, Inc., a leading provider of power management, analog and security intellectual property (IP) licensing and embedded platform solutions, is pleased to announce the latest additions to our flagship IP series: an additional Power Quencher® LDOs and FlexGUARD™ safety voltage/power monitors and clock monitors designed in advanced 7nm to 4nm FinFET processes. The FlexGUARD™ monitor’s IP cores are optimized for integration into Vidatronic’s comprehensive safety monitoring circuit (SMC) that monitors and reports out-of-range violations for environmental variables including power supply voltages, reference clock, duty cycles and problems, and temperatures. The SMC can be integrated on-chip and serves to protect the SoC against incoming hardware attacks.

This new power management and security IP enables Vidatronic customers to design tightly integrated, high-performance, ultra-low-power system-on-chips (SoCs) for a variety of end-use applications, including consumer devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), the metaverse, advanced microprocessor and high-speed serial interface applications. Vidatronic’s Latest Power Quencher® and FlexGUARD™ IPs have already been licensed by several of the top 10 semiconductor companies.

“Vidatronic’s integrated platform solutions simplify the design process with customizable IP for easier and more cost-effective integration,” said Moises Robinson, president and co-founder of Vidatronic. “Leveraging our new FinFET IPs will enable our customers to achieve unmatched levels of performance, power efficiency, security and reliability while minimizing costs. With nearly a decade of experience delivering advanced FinFET technology designs, we have a worthy history of first pass production silicon in these process nodes. As we rapidly grow and expand our FinFET portfolio, we continue to solidify our position as the global leader in power management, analog, and IP security, with a particular focus on advanced FinFET technologies.

The power extinguisher® and the FlexGUARD™ wallets, which cover process nodes from 180nm to 4nm FinFET, contain the following new IPs:

  • Additional low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators equipped with Vidatronic’s Power Quencher® technology that enables ultra-low power operation with no external components required
  • Voltage/power monitoring IPs that compare an incoming voltage to a trigger point generated from an internal reference and DAC and indicate a fault when the input voltage is out of range
  • Clock monitoring IPs that detect out-of-range conditions for frequencies, duty cycles, and issues in reference clocks
  • Safety monitoring circuits that combine voltage, clock, and temperature monitors in a comprehensive SMC block to monitor and signal out-of-range violations for environmental variables – supply voltages, reference clock frequencies, temperatures, and duty cycles

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About Vidatronic, Inc.

Vidatronic, founded in 2010, provides power management, analog and security intellectual property (IP) licensing and platform solutions for integration into customers’ system-on-chips (SoCs). Their patented technology enables high-performance SoCs to achieve ultra-low-power, highly efficient operation without the need for external components, which reduces cost, reduces size, extends device life and improves reliability. of the system while increasing hardware security.

Vidatronic’s IP portfolio includes low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators, DC-DC converters (including Single Inductor Multiple Output (SIMO) converters), ultra-low-power/high-accuracy voltage references, data converters, PMUs for augmented/virtual reality and security applications, LED drivers and associated circuitry for a variety of applications ranging from consumer devices, including IoT, to enterprise markets, including servers Vidatronic has experience in a wide variety of silicon foundries and processes from 180nm to 3nm, with a track record of successful first pass silicon.

Vidatronic IP licensing will get your business to market faster, with lower overall cost and risk.

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