Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Releases 150V N-Channel Power MOSFET that Uses Next-Generation Process to Improve Power Efficiency

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The TPH9R00CQH has approximately 42% lower drain-to-source on-resistance than the TPH1500CNH, a 150V product that uses the current-generating process, U-MOSVIII-H. Optimizing the structure of the new MOSFET has improved the trade-off (*2) between drain-source on-state resistance and two load characteristics (*3), realizing excellent low-loss characteristics. In addition, the peak voltage between drain and source during switching operation is reduced, which helps to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in switching power supplies. Two types of surface mount enclosures are available: SOP Advance and the more popular SOP Advance (N).

Toshiba also offers tools that support circuit design for switching power supplies. Along with the G0 SPICE model, which can verify circuit operation in a short time, the highly accurate G2 SPICE models, which accurately reproduce transient characteristics, are now available.

Toshiba will expand its line of power MOSFETs that improve equipment power supply efficiency by reducing losses, helping to reduce power consumption.


(*1) Toshiba survey in March 2022.

(*2) The product improved the gate switch load x drain-source on-state resistor by about 20% and the output load of on-state drain-source resistor by about 28 % compared to the current product TPH1500CNH (U-MOSVIII-H series).

(*3) Door switch load and output load


– Power supplies for communication equipment

– Switching power supplies (high efficiency DC-DC converters, etc.)


– Excellent low loss characteristics.

(tradeoff between on-state resistance and gate switch load and output load)

– Low on-resistance: RDS(ON)=9.0milliohms (max) @VGS=10V

– High rated channel temperature: Tch (max) = 175 C

Main specifications:

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