TI Wins Four Awards at EE Awards Asia, Accelerates Dynamics of GaN Technology


TAIPEI, Nov. 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Texas Instruments Inc. (TI), a leading designer and manufacturer of analog and on-board processing chips for the industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communication equipment and business systems, won four awards:EV Power Semiconductor Supplier and Energy-saving semiconductor supplier at a time Taiwan and Asia this year’s divisions EE Awards Asia, hosted by EETimes Asia and Taiwan —For its gallium nitride (GaN) device LMG3525R030-Q1.

Meeting the challenges of the industry

The power electronics industry is changing rapidly. Along with this development, key trends are driving a shift in energy management: power density, low electromagnetic interference (EMI), low quiescent current (IQ), insulation and low noise and high precision.

To help customers solve these problems, TI has strategically invested in Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, a new power semiconductor that harnesses superior device switching properties to reduce power loss, increase performance. efficiency and improve the power density of AC / DC and DC / DC power supplies. These are universal enhancements for any power supply ranging from consumer adapters, to server and telecom power supplies, to on-board electric vehicle (EV) charging systems.

TI recently introduced the LMG3525R030-Q1, the industry’s first automotive GaN FET with built-in driver, protection and active power management. These advancements help customers get the most out of their system and make it as easy as possible to use by delivering twice the power density and the highest efficiency in automotive on-board chargers and industrial power supplies.

TI also released a major breakthrough in EV Battery Management Systems (BMS) – a high performance solution for wireless BMS, including a new automotive battery monitor and balancer to help engineers meet battery safety goals. and maximize distance per charge in wired and wireless BMS. .

Unique technological solutions

TI won the awards in recognition of its GaN technology solutions’ focus on maximizing efficiency, achieving high levels of robustness and reliability, and maximizing capacity while minimizing costs.

Featuring increased integration and increased switching frequency, TI’s GaN devices also have over 40 million hours of system reliability testing to address failure mechanisms and maximize service life.

TI has invested in in-house manufacturing capacity to better control supply, quality and costs. The company also continues to invest in highly integrated GaN devices that improve efficiency and power density, targeting a wide range of end user applications. This includes power levels ranging from tens of watts for low-power applications to 22 kW for electric vehicles, to help engineers who want to consider GaN to build smaller, lighter, and more efficient power systems. .

More recently, TI announced that its GaN technology and C2000 real-time microcontrollers (MCUs) were combined with high-efficiency power electronics expertise from Delta Electronics in the design of a power supply unit (PSU) of enterprise server delivering 80% improvement in power density with 1% higher efficiency (up to 99.2%) for data center applications, compared to enterprise server power supplies using an architecture traditional.

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