Thermal electricity production becomes the main source of electricity production


ISLAMABAD – Thermal power generation has become the largest source of power generation in the national power generation mix, as the shares of hydropower, nuclear and renewable energy declined in fiscal year 2021 compared to fiscal year 2020.

According to Pakistan Economic Survey 2020-21, thermal currently holds the largest share of power generation and its percentage share in FY2021 increased nearly 1% from FY20 2020.

During the period from July to April 2021, the share of hydel decreased to 30.52% against 30.92% during the same period of the previous year, while the share of thermal (RLNG , RFO, coal and natural gas) increased to 59.42 percent from the previous 58.43 percent, while the share of nuclear increased from 8.24 percent to 7.82 percent. The share of renewable energies increased from 2.41% in July to April 2020 to 2.23% during the same period of the current fiscal year.

The country’s installed capacity increased from July-April 2020-21 to 37,261 MW from 35,972 MW during the same period last fiscal year.

Regarding electricity consumption, the report states that there is no significant change in the pattern of electricity consumption. During the financial year July-April 2021, the share of agriculture in electricity consumption is constant. However, the share of industry rose to 26.3% from July to March 2021, compared to 25.5% in the same period of the previous fiscal year, showing a resumption of economic activities. In percentage terms, the household share declined to 49.1 percent in July-March 2021, from 49.2 percent in the corresponding period of the last trade, declined to 7.4 percent from 7.9 percent from last year.

Regarding the petroleum sector, the report states that local extraction and imports of crude oil reached 68.9 million barrels in July-March 2021 compared to 58.6 million barrels in the corresponding period of l ‘last year, while the share of imports in July-March 2021 increased to 48.2 million barrels from 38.8 million barrels during the same period last year. Likewise, in July-March 2021, the consumption of petroleum products increased to 14.7 million tonnes against 12.5 million tonnes during the period under discussion. An oil storage of 38,579 metric tons was added to the country’s logistics during the period July-March 2021 at a cost of Rs 5,786.8 million. Four building permits and one operating permit for lubricating oil, recovery and grease blending plants were issued. Five licenses for the creation of Lubricant Marketing Company (LMC) and three operating licenses for LMCs were also issued. Regarding gas supply, the report states that the average consumption of natural gas was approximately 3,723 million cubic feet per day (MMCFD), including 950 MMCFD of RLNG volume between July and February 2021.

Regarding LPG, the report indicates that the total LPG supply between July and March 2021 was 927,683 metric tonnes. From July to March 2020-2021, one (01) authorization for the construction of an LPG production facility, nine (09) authorizations for the operation of LPG storage and filling facilities and twenty (20) authorizations for the construction of LPG storage and filling facilities have been issued. . In addition, OGRA also issued five (05) authorizations for the construction of automatic LPG refueling stations and one (01) license for the operation of an automatic LPG refueling station during the same period. From July to March 2021, an investment of around Rs. 17.08 billion was made in LPG infrastructure.

Regarding the import and local production of coal, the report indicates that it decreased by 26.51% in 2020-2021 to 18,558,536 MT against 25,252,291 MT.

Regarding net metering, the report states that AEDB issued certificates to sixty-eight (68) service providers / vendors / installers between July 2020 and March 2021. As of March 2021, the total number of service providers / active suppliers / installers certified by the AEDB reaches up to one hundred and four (104). During the period July 2020 to March 2021, a total of 5,283 new licenses were issued by NPERA for a net metering based installation of approx. 90.15 MW. As of March 31, 2021, a total of 10,563 production licenses for net metering-based solar installations with a cumulative capacity of 181.27 MW had been issued by NEPRA.

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