The location of the new nuclear power plants will be announced in the fall


In the fall, Cabinet will announce the preferred location of two new nuclear power plants. A final decision must also be made on funding, the government’s role and costs and the allocation process, Minister Rob Jetten (Economic Affairs and Climate) told the Tweede Kamer.

In the coalition agreement, VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie have agreed to build two new power plants to make the energy supply more sustainable. A number of studies are currently underway on funding, location and technology.

The construction of new nuclear power plants will take at least 10 years. “Experiences overseas have taught us that the process required is complex and expensive, that the decision-making process is comprehensive, and that getting public support is very important,” Jetten said.

A KPMG report last year showed that stable government policy is an important prerequisite for building a new nuclear power plant. The government should also contribute financially to the realization and, according to market players, it is important to opt for a proven technology.

The report also showed that the province of Zeeland is positive about the construction of a new nuclear power plant and that it is negotiable for Noord-Brabant under certain conditions. The Cabinet wants to extend the operating time of the Borssele nuclear power plant. Jetten is already taking the first steps to ensure that this power plant continues to generate electricity after 2033. Among other things, the Cabinet will change the law and an environmental impact report will have to be drawn up.

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