The government will set up a mission for the production of clean thermal energy


The government plans to set up a national mission on the use of biomass in thermal power plants

Concerned by the cases of increasing air pollution due to the burning of agricultural stubble, the government has decided to set up a national mission on the use of biomass in coal-fired power plants.

Department of Energy sources said the step will also help reduce the carbon footprint of thermal power generation.

Another major objective of the national mission will be to ensure a greater share of carbon neutral electricity production from thermal power plants and also to increase the level of co-combustion from the current 5% to higher levels. .

While the working arrangements and structure of the proposed national mission are being worked out, sources said it would have a steering committee headed by the secretary at the energy ministry. It will also be composed of stakeholders such as representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas as well as the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

The mission will also include an executive committee which would be headed by a (thermal) member of the Central Electricity Authority, while the National Thermal Power Corporation will play a larger role by providing logistical and infrastructural support to it.

The duration of the proposed mission would be at least five years.

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