The Cofrentes nuclear power plant in Valencia suffers an unplanned shutdown


Photo of the Cofrentes nuclear power plant in Valencia. Image: Google maps – Charo Pérez Torrego

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant in Valencia suffered a new unscheduled shutdown this Sunday, April 24

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant, located in the Valencian Community, would have undergone a new unscheduled shutdown this Sunday, April 24. It apparently occurred due to increased inflows into the Pozo Seco soil drainage sump.

According to the report of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), this event led to the disconnection of the Red Electrica power plant while the necessary checks were carried out. The stoppage occurred around 3 p.m., and the classification of the event on an international scale is not yet established.

No anomalous contributions have been identified so far, after security measures and standard checks have been carried out.

“Before the specified values ​​could be achieved, it was prudently decided to commence plant shutdown, with the aim of carrying out a local inspection to be able to identify the potential contribution to the well,” the report said.

On April 13, the plant was reconnected to the national electricity grid after a favorable opinion from the Nuclear Safety Council on April 6. This was done with the authorization of the Ministry of the Environment, following the technical modification proposed by the plant to correct the failure of the generation switch, notified on March 12.

The environmental group ‘Tanquem Cofrents’ denounced this new unscheduled shutdown of the nuclear power plant. They pointed out that it was the “third consecutive in less than a month and a half, and the fourth since the end of the last refueling and maintenance stop last December”.

As Tanquem said in a statement on Monday 25, by not detecting the possible leak at first, the factory management had to shut down the plant to be able to inspect it more thoroughly.

According to the environmental group, this “succession of malfunctions and continuous breakdowns had already led the CSN, even before this last problem, to place the plant under special surveillance, and to require an analysis of the causes of repeated and frequent breakdowns in the same systems. “, as reported

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