TECHNIKARI: ZESA’s strength is TRANSMISSION infrastructure, not power generation with DPA CEO Norman Moyo


In this episode of Technikari, I was joined by Norman Moyo, the CEO of the Econet Group subsidiary that Strive Masiyiwa says is bigger than Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Econet Wireless – Distributed Energy Africa (ODA). We discussed the state of power generation in Africa with a particular focus on the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) and the power generation deficits that have characterized the past two decades and how this relates to producers independent electricity. (PPI).

We also covered:

  • Why independent power producers, like DPA, only install solar power in mines and factories.
  • The fairness agreement that DPA entered into with the French national electricity company EDF.
  • ZESA’s strength is the transmission infrastructure they have, they should take advantage of that and let private players generate electricity.
  • The legacy of debt and other issues plaguing ZESA and its African counterparts.
  • ZESA imports expensive electricity and sells it at a reduced price to its customers. It’s unbearable…
  • The US$100 billion fund for renewable energy that Zimbabwe and Africa lack.
  • Will the DPA live up to the ambition that Strive Masiyiwa has for it?
  • Nuclear energy is too far for Africa. We have the sun, let’s take advantage of it.

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