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Gurgaon: Power to Sushant Lok-1 has yet to be restored three days after heavy rains and thunderstorms destroyed power infrastructure in the area, residents said on Thursday, adding they had to spend thousands to buy cables and temporarily fix the problem.
The DHBVN, however, said supply was restored on Tuesday and its teams on the ground needed to complete infrastructure repair work on around 20 damaged utility poles.
Residents said rain and quall uprooted trees and several utility poles on Monday. A few days later, they are still waiting for power to be fully restored to about 40 to 50 homes, they said.
Some said they also had to buy cables and temporarily get electricity from the poles that were still standing.
“There was a power outage around 5am on Monday and the electricity is still not at full capacity. We had to opt for temporary arrangements and avoid using air conditioners or other heavy appliances” said Dhirendra Kumar, a resident of Block A at Sushant Lok-1.
Kumar said multiple complaints to the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) went unheeded and restoration work only started on Wednesday.
“We have no control over the storm, but we live in the ‘millennium city’ and not in the hills where it takes so long to fix the power supply,” he added.
Other residents said they had to use power inverters, whose batteries also drained over the days.
“We had no choice but to move to our parents in Noida as my son has to take his exam. We regularly check with our neighbors on the electricity status, but we don’t know how long it will take,” said Tanuja Bhatnagar.
Another resident said on condition of anonymity that he had to pay extra to employ a private contractor and get a connection from a power pole to his house.
“Our complaints have been closed without any recourse. There was no help from DHBVN to restore power in time, and we had to pay 20,000 rupees to hire a private contractor and buy a cable for a temporary arrangement. More than 40 to 50 households have been affected,” he said.
DHBVN officials said power supplies have been restored to the area and its teams are working to repair all damaged infrastructure.
“Due to the storm, poles and cables were damaged in many places. Some of the transformers were also affected. Our staff were constantly on the ground, dealing with complaints. There are 22 power poles in the area that have been uprooted, which is taking some time to re-erect and the works will be completed by Thursday. However, arrangements have been made to ensure power supply to the area,” said Kuldeep Singh, Executive Engineer of DHBVN.
The administration previously said 32 transformers and 260 utility poles were damaged in Monday’s downpours across the city.

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