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(Left to right) Hanani Wade and William Lash of Chirality Capital Consulting present their company during the Navy is Open for Business session. SOLAR PHOTOGRAPHY

During Tuesday afternoon’s Navy is Open for Business forum, 11 small businesses had the opportunity to pitch their products and ideas to a panel of Department of the Navy procurement experts. The companies, which were chosen from a pool of applicants to the Department of the Navy’s Office of Small Business Programs, included:

Chirality Capital Consulting

Chirality, from the Greek word meaning hand, is based on mirror images. The concept behind Chiralty Capital Consulting is that the left hand (the company) is a mirror image of the right hand (the federal government). Chirality provides program and product management; organizational design and development; technological modernization; Data analysis; training logistics; and diversity, equity and inclusion capabilities for customers inside and outside the defense space.

Chitra Productions

CEO Vibhaa Vermani came to the United States as a bride in an arranged marriage 30 years ago. In 2008, she launched Chitra Productions. Products include support for the risk management framework. The typical Department of Defense RMF process takes 12 to 18 months, Vermani said, but Chitra products help make approvals faster and less expensive.


In the private sector, Geisler has developed technologies that help secure the power grid and can network and encrypt data in fractions of milliseconds. Working with the Department of Defense, it can also encrypt sensors around Navy ships in real time without disrupting any systems.

International Trade Management Group

There is a need to automate, secure and build resilience in our supply chains. ITM creates logistics strategies to improve global supply chain assets and provide visibility and accountability in the physical supply chain.

JA Moody

Seawater is a highly corrosive substance that can shorten the life of a ship. This family business creates fluid products that use cold spray technology that does not heat metal to melting point and can double the life cycle of an arc. In 2021, he introduced the next-generation Vanessa Hardened Seat TOTS Valve to the United States Navy.

Maritime Arresting Technologies

This company considers itself a non-lethal weapons evangelist. Products include prophyalyptic port security barriers capable of detecting security breaches and determining intent. Maritime also manufactures the Stingray Counter Unmanned Aquatic Vehicle Net, which forms a barrier between the sea surface and the seabed and captures hostile divers and UUVs. The company’s latest product is a recoilless launcher capable of deploying non-kinetic effectors from small unmanned platforms.

Maureen Data Systems/FylaxCyber

Nearly six ransomware attacks occur every minute. Maureen Data Systems partners with Black Kite to develop the Ransomware Susceptibility Index to help defense and private customers understand the likelihood of them being attacked, provide ongoing system monitoring, and identify providers most susceptible to attacks.


This company spun off from the Northeastern University Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits in 2009, and now designs and manufactures microwave and millimeter wave components. Its products are designed to improve the efficiency of critical radar, communications and power systems, and its flagship technology can mitigate high-power jamming that affects a signal of interest.


This systems integrator and ideas company works with combatants and first responders. Its products include the C-Master Diver Navigation System, which allows up to 15 combat divers to communicate safely with each other and provides divers with mission-specific critical data.

Physical science

This company is creating powerful next-generation lithium-ion battery technology for marine systems. Its manufacturing process creates more energy and power in the batteries. It also uses non-flammable electrolytes, which makes the batteries safer to handle than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are operationally deployed and in use today.

Visual Engineering Solutions

US fighters need more images and intelligence from space. At the same time, data products from space are increasing in number and complexity. Optical communications can increase bandwidth over RF networks and are more secure, but there is a lack of optical communications ground stations to communicate this data. Vision has a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract with the Navy to supply these optical ground stations.


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