Samsung Heavy and Seaborg to develop floating nuclear power plant combined with hydrogen and ammonia power plants


Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and Seaborg have signed a partnership agreement to develop floating nuclear power plants based on Seaborg’s intrinsically safe Compact Molten Salt Reactor (CMSR).

The floating nuclear power plant is in the form of a turnkey product, ready to be moored in an industrial port. In the port, a transmission cable will be connected to the shore power grid. An optional solution is to place a hydrogen or ammonia production plant next to the floating nuclear power plant using CO2-free fission energy to produce hydrogen and ammonia.

In the CMSR, the fuel is mixed with a molten fluoride salt which also serves as the coolant. This offers significant security benefits. If ever the combustible salt were to come into contact with the atmosphere, it would simply cool and turn into solid rock, containing all the radioactive material within itself.

As the fuel is chemically stable and the fission products are short-lived, this waste is radiologically close to radioactive hospital waste and can be handled using conventional methods. The remaining fuel salt will be blended with the new CMSR fuel at the fuel supply facility. In this way, the challenges of long-term storage will be avoided in the future.


The agreement includes the development of hydrogen production plants and ammonia plants, as CMSR is an ideal energy source to provide stable, clean and safe electricity, Seaborg said. The objective of this strategic partnership is to manufacture and sell turnkey power plants, ready to be moored in industrial ports and connected to the shore power grid.

The stable energy production also provides a fundamental basis for the production of all Power-2-X fuels, where in particular hydrogen and ammonia are considered as a future energy source to replace traditional fossil fuels. The design of the hydrogen, ammonia and power units will be optimized for efficient serial construction in SHI’s shipyards.

The design of the floating nuclear power plant is modular, providing up to 800MW of electricity for a 24-year lifespan and at a competitive price whether it plugs into the grid of an existing coal-fired port or it produces hydrogen and ammonia.

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