Powermen strike hits Chandigarh electricity supply


Chandigarh was powerless, in some sectors even more than 8 p.m. as UT powerhouses went on strike on Tuesday.

Due to the long power outage, the inverters collapsed and the Wi-Fi was cut, leaving the work of several people affected. The power outage occurred despite the UT administration telling the powermen the “no work, no pay” principle. Those working from home and those working in offices have been hardest hit. Even the online hearing of some cases in the High Court of Punjab and Haryana has been affected by the shutdown of Wi-Fi for several lawyers.

In sector 33, the power was interrupted for more than 10 hours. In sectors 42, 32 A, 37, 31, Burail, sector 49 and other sectors, there was no electricity for more than 14 hours.

Residents of Sector 42 said the power went out at midnight and until the report was filed there was no power.

Also in sector 31-D, there was no electricity for 15 hours straight.

A resident of Sector 33, Chaitanya Suri, said: “It has been more than 10 hours since the supply has been restored in Sector 33. However, the kind of helplessness we are facing is not as important than what those workers would feel. the decision to privatize. Also in phase 2 of the industrial zone, there had been no electricity since the morning. When the industrialists inquired with the department, they were told it would be restored the following morning.

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