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Gurgaon: Discom has imposed power outages across the city, but the duration of outages has decreased over the past two days. In some areas of Gurgaon, no power cuts were imposed for the past 24 hours, while the rest of the city reported two to three hours of blackouts.
The city is likely to face more power cuts in the coming days as Haryana is still short of supplies. On Sunday, the state obtained a power of 8,870 MW while the demand was 9,288 MW, a shortage of 418 MW.
Haryana, which is reeling from an energy crisis, has received more than 7,000 MW of electricity per day since April 18, while the shortage has been in the range of 200 MW to 500 MW most days. The peak shortage between April 18 and May 1 was reported on April 20, when the state had a demand of 8,846 MW while supply was 7,158 MW, a shortage of 1,288 MW. The next day, the state reported a shortage of 848 MW.
As supply has increased over the past two days, so has demand. As of April 30, the state was receiving 9,191 MW of power against a request for 9,701 (shortage of 510 MW). On May 1, it received 8,870 MW when it needed 9,288 MW (shortage of 410 MW).
Energy Minister Ranjit Singh said supply would improve. “We are trying to bridge the gap between demand and supply,” the minister said, adding that the power cuts will end soon and the state will enjoy uninterrupted power supply in the coming days.
“While Haryana has been receiving over 7,000MW of electricity for two weeks now, there is a shortage of supply,” said an official from the National Load Dispatch Center, a Union planning body. and the distribution of electricity on the interregional networks. connections.
Residents, meanwhile, said that although outages have been reduced, they are still facing difficulties due to load shedding amid the ongoing heat wave.
Suman Mishra, a resident of Sector 51, said the situation was even worse last week, with outages lasting 8-10 hours. “It has improved over the past two days, but we are still facing power outages,” Mishra said.
Aditi Sharma, a resident of Sector 14, said they were also facing voltage fluctuation issues. “We are worried that our electrical appliances will be damaged due to the fluctuations,” she said.
On April 29, discoms had announced scheduled blackouts for industrial, urban and rural areas due to the growing gap between electricity demand and supply in Haryana. In a notification, DHBVN had mentioned that due to increased demand and shortage of electricity in Haryana, load shedding should be done in a manner to maintain grid discipline.

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