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A proposal by left-wing parliamentarians to save Germany’s nuclear power plants from extinction has been warmly welcomed by most opposition parties.

A meeting of the European Affairs Committee in the Polish parliament on Thursday discussed a plan to lease Germany’s nuclear power plants, which are due to close soon. Germany is pursuing a plan dating back to 2000 to completely shut down its nuclear sector.

The initiators of the project were MPs from the left-wing Lewica Razem party, which in recent days has made headlines that the German government has deceived its citizens by telling them that the continued operation of nuclear reactors is impossible due to , for example, to fuel supply difficulties.

“In 2022, shutting down low-carbon power plants is a climate crime. We must fight so that nuclear power plants are not shut down,” said Paulina Matysiak, MP for Lewica Razem.

“If German nuclear power plants were not shut down, German greenhouse gas emission reductions would be 30% higher. The closure of nuclear power plants in 2021 only led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions of 4.5%,” Deputy Climate Minister Piotr Dziadzio told the meeting.

“We are aware that this is a difficult request. But to have this in the public space is to publicize the absurdity of the situation unfolding in Germany,” said MP Lewica Razem Maciej Konieczny.

Although the rental of German nuclear power plants seems difficult to implement, climate experts point out that saving them from extinction would be very important for the climate and European energy policy.

(Bartosz Sieniawski | EURACTIV.pl)

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