Pakistan’s power generation capacity nears 42,000 MW


Total power generation capacity between July and April 2022 increased by 11.5% to 41,557 MW from 37,261 MW in the same period of the previous fiscal year, according to the Pakistan Economic Survey (PES). ) 2021-22.

All electricity production of coal has reached 5,280 MW, Thar coal contributes 1,320 MW, while the contribution of imported coal to electricity generation is 3,960 MW, or about 75% of the total electricity generation from coal in the country. Currently, the installed capacity of hydropower plants is 10,251 MW, or about 25% of the total installed capacity.

The contribution of wind power to total installed capacity is 4.8% and currently stands at 1,985 MW. The installed capacity of solar energy is 600 MW, or about 1.4% of the total installed capacity. FY22.

RLNG’s contribution to installed capacity increased to 23.8% in July-April FY22. There is a slight change in the percentage share of the different sources in electricity generation. Thermal still holds the largest share of power generation, although its percentage contribution fell from 62.5% in July-April FY21 to 60.9% in July-April FY22.

Hydel’s percentage contribution to power generation also declined from 27.8% in July-April FY21 to 23.7% in July-April FY22.m Nuclear’s percentage share fell from 7.2% in July-April FY21 to 12.35% in July-April. April, FY22. The contribution of renewables in power generation increased from 2.4% in July-April of FY21 to 3.02% in the first ten months of FY22.

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