PAHO requests DMK government to ensure uninterrupted power supply during summer


AIADMK coordinator and former chief minister O Panneerselvam on Thursday asked the DMK government to take immediate action to ensure continuous power supply due to the summer season.

Stating that the DMK government always blames the Union government if any problem arises in the state, the AIADMK in a statement said, “Now it also blames the Center for the coal import problem.” .

Regarding the state government’s claim that power generation has been halted at two thermal power plants in the state due to the delay in the arrival of coal from Odissa, Panneerselvam said that due to the delay in the arrival of coal, there were complaints that at least one hour power cuts were imposed especially at night.

Highlighting the recent statement by the state’s power minister that Tamil Nadu’s total power requirement was 17,300 MW and that the biased Center had only sent 48,000 tonnes of coal out of a total requirement of 72,000 tonnes, he said blaming the Center for these problems cannot be accepted.

Blaming the state’s electricity minister, who also blamed the Union government for the major power cuts, Panneerselvam said: “It is only the DMK government that is responsible if power cuts occur. produce in the state”.

“Instead of blaming the Center, the DMK government should take steps to ensure there are no power cuts,” he said. He added that the Chief Minister should take the necessary steps to ensure that everyone in the state receives an uninterrupted power supply.”

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