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With power outages looming this summer in Illinois, the debate continues over how to deal with the state’s power shortage.

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), the federal grid operator that covers much of Illinois and several other central states in the country, said renewable energy generation, solar and wind, has not not kept pace with lost generation capacity as a fossil fuel. the plants have retired. As a result, the region may run out of needed energy when demand is at its peak.

“The reality for areas that do not have sufficient generation to cover their load plus their required reserves is that they will have an increased risk of temporary, controlled outages to maintain system reliability,” CEO Claire Moeller said in a press release before the start of the summer.

JC Kibbey, Illinois clean energy advocate with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said global energy markets and the war in Ukraine aren’t helping the situation.

“This is having repercussions that are hurting consumers and families in Illinois right now, and what we need is affordable energy to do that, and clean energy is affordable energy,” said Kibbey.

Kibbey adds that regulatory hurdles and outdated thinking by some utilities have led to missed opportunities to expand affordable clean energy resources.

Former President Donald Trump said Thursday at The Center Square that he wasn’t so sure and said there would be trouble this summer.

“Here’s a prediction, brownouts and blackouts across the country this summer,” Trump said due to the push for green power. “Wait and see what happens. All these states going green, it doesn’t work.

State Rep. Adam Niemerg, R-Teutopolis, said blackouts shouldn’t be the norm in this country and something should be done to ensure there will be abundant power available for Illinois.

“We have to go back to Springfield. We need to repeal the Green New Deal, we need to bring Ameren to the table,” Niemerg said of the downstate energy provider, “and actually have a productive energy policy moving forward.” .

Southern Illinois is one of the most vulnerable places in the country this summer, according to a forecast released by the North American Electric Reliability Corp., a regulator that monitors risks to the power grid.

The region, along with large parts of Michigan and Wisconsin and other states tied to the regional grid, has been warned that it faces “high risk of power emergencies during peak summer conditions.”

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