J&K’s power supply will double in 3 years from 3500 MW


Jammu and Kashmir has only been able to generate 3,500 megawatts of electricity under various governments over the past 70 years, prompting the administration to focus on doubling power generation over the past three next few years on the territory of the Union, according to senior officials.

A total of 8 new hydropower projects with a capacity of 6272 megawatts have been taken over by NHPC and a joint venture that would double power generation in UT.

”In 70 years, Jammu and Kashmir has only been able to harness 3,500 megawatts of electricity. Now the production capacity is to be doubled in three years and tripled in the next 7 years,” one of the officials said.

He said that delays in the execution of hydroelectric projects have been eliminated and the pace of execution has accelerated. ”To address the current energy deficit, a large-scale capacity increase program has been launched,” he said.

The officials said that 8 power projects with a generation capacity of 6272 MW have been launched for execution. Of these, five projects with a total capacity of 4108 MW have been taken over for execution by NHPC and three others are under development under a joint venture with the J&K government.

The estimated hydropower potential of UT is 20,000 MW, of which approximately 16,475 MW has been identified.

Jammu and Kashmir’s potential to generate 16,475 MW of hydroelectric power has been assessed by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). This includes 11,283 MW in the Chenab basin, 3,084 MW in the Jhelum basin, 500 MW in the Ravi basin and 1,608 MW in the Indus basin, they said. .

Of the identified potential, only 19.80% has been exploited so far, i.e. 1,211.96 MW in the public sector from 21 energy projects, 2,009 MW in the central sector from 7 projects and 42, 5 MW in the private sector from 4 projects.

A total of 3263.46MW has been exploited on three western rivers – Jhelum, Chenab and Indus – through state, central and public-private partnership mode of execution, the official said.

Giving further details, he said Rs 1,206 crore is provisioned in the budget for the equity component of the Kiru and Rattle power projects.

For the electricity sector, Rs 8,768 crore has been allocated in the budget this year. Over the past year and a half, historic steps have been taken to boost power generation and infrastructure, they said.

The Center has also approved a revamped Rs 11,000 crore Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) aimed at improving the power system in UT and providing quality food to residents of J&K.

”In this financial year, 3 lakh smart meters will be installed in Jammu and Srinagar each to ensure reliable power supply,” the official added.

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