Huawei launches PowerPOD 3.0, a new generation of power system


By using an innovative converged architecture and the industry’s ultra-high density UPS5000-H, power density per cabinet is increased and power system space layout is optimized. The number of cabinets is reduced from 22 to 11, resulting in a significant reduction in footprint. In a 12 MW data center, for example, the footprint saved by the PowerPOD 3.0 solution makes it possible to deploy more than 170 additional racks compared to a traditional power supply solution.

Energy saving: 70% less consumption

The binding efficiency of a traditional power solution is typically less than 94.5%. In contrast, PowerPOD 3.0 increases efficiency up to 97.8% while shortening the length of the link. In addition, the UPS5000-H offers 99.1% efficiency in S-ECO mode, which effectively reduces energy consumption. Using the PowerPOD 3.0 in a 12MW data center will save almost 300,000 US dollars every year.

Time saving: 75% shorter delivery

A traditional power supply solution requires around 35 copper bars and 180 cables to be terminated on site, resulting in high quality risks and a delivery time of 2 months. The PowerPOD 3.0 uses prefabricated tray-like busbars for internal connections. With prefabrication and commissioning completed at the factory, on-site construction can only be completed in 2 weeks, speeding up service deployment for customers.

Hassle-free: 40% lower error rate in the SLA

Based on the concept of “autonomous driving” and artificial intelligence technologies, the PowerPOD 3.0 is armed with the intelligent iPower function, which provides reliable two-layer designs for end-to-end visibility as well as temperature prediction AI, life prediction of key components, and smart tuning. Automatic and predictive O&M becomes possible.

Data centers are moving towards high density and large scale. As the “heart” of a data center, the power supply system must not only ensure safety and reliability throughout its life cycle to meet growing demand, but also integrate all the equipment of the power supply chain in innovative ways to create more value. for the customers.

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