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MOSCOW, October 14. / TASS /. The implementation of industrial projects in the Russian Arctic requires reliable energy supplies, which are problematic in the North. Nuclear power plants, including Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), could solve the task, Yakutia Governor Aisen Nikolayev said during Russian Energy Week on Wednesday.

“If we want to implement large industrial projects in the Arctic, under conditions of lack of electricity and heat supply, the safest and most cost-effective solution would be nuclear power plants. A small nuclear power plant, which we will build in the Ust -Yansky District, provide electricity for industrial development of Kyuchyus gold ore deposit, ”he said, adding that the capacity of the plant would be less than 55 MWe .

According to him, the 64% of the territory of the region does not have a centralized electricity supply. “Our 143 diesel-fired power plants provide electricity to the settlements. Our electricity expenditure in these settlements exceeds 100 billion rubles ($ 1.4 billion) from the regional budget alone. We are using all possibilities to reduce expenses, ”he added.

In early October, Beloye Zoloto (white gold) – a joint venture of Rostech and the poly-metal holding Seligdar – won a competition to develop Russia’s largest gold deposit – Kyuchyus. One of the conditions of the tender was that the development will use SMRs of less than 35 MWe in Yakutia.

The Kyuchyus deposit is located north of the Arctic Circle in Yakutia. Its gold reserves are 175.3 tonnes and the resource potential is estimated at over 250 tonnes.

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