Government to cut coal and nuclear power generation

Units 3 and 4 of the Shin Hanul nuclear power plant have been excluded from the government’s national electricity supply plan.

The South Korean government finalized its ninth national electricity supply plan on December 28. According to him, half of the coal-fired power plants in South Korea will be closed within 15 years in a bid to reduce carbon emissions, 11 old nuclear power plants will be closed. will be shut down at the end of their life without any life extension, and electricity generation based on LNG and renewables will be expanded to compensate for the resulting decrease in electricity supply.

At present, a total of 60 coal-fired power plants are in operation in South Korea. Half of them, which have a combined capacity of 15.3 GW and have been in operation for more than 30 years, will be closed by 2034. Yet seven new coal-fired plants with a capacity of 7.3 GW will be built as planned. Overall, the capacity of these facilities will be reduced from 35.8 GW to 29 GW from this year to 2034.

Regarding nuclear power plants, the government plans to increase the number from 24 to 26 from this year to 2024 and then reduce it to 17 by 2034. The capacity of the plants will be reduced by 23.3 GW to 19 .4 GW from that date. year until 2034.

LNG and renewable energy sources are supposed to replace coal and nuclear energy. Specifically, 24 out of 30 coal-fired power plants with a combined capacity of 12.8 GW will be replaced by LNG plants. Total LNG power generation capacity will increase from 41.3 GW to 59.1 GW in 14 years with the addition of new LNG power plants to replacements.

Electricity generation capacity based on renewable energy will be increased from 20.1 GW to 77.8 GW during the same period. At present, South Korea’s electricity generation is divided into 32.3% by LNG, 28.1% by coal, 18.2% by nuclear power and 15.8% by renewable sources. The government plans to adjust the ratios to 30.6, 15, 10.1 and 40.3.

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