Government orders power generation companies to buy rakes to ensure steady supply of coal during monsoon


The government has ordered power generation companies (GENCOS) to purchase rakes for captive use, a measure that will ensure a steady supply of coal during the monsoon season.

Every year during the monsoon season, domestic coal production also drops, Energy Minister RK Singh told PTI.

When asked if the government is taking steps to anticipate production and supply problems as the rainy season approaches, he said yes.

“That (the rakes) is another issue,” Singh said, adding that the coal ministry said there were places where there was dry fuel but transportation was not happening to the extent of the availability.

He cited the shortage of rakes in addition to congestion on some roads as the main reasons for this problem.

Railroads must take steps to reduce congestion on these lines so that more coal can be removed from these locations. In some areas, the coal ministry will have to increase production where enough rakes are available, the minister said.

Without sharing any details, he added that “Indian Railways are buying more rakes. I have also requested GENCOS to invest in rakes.

“You can own rakes and you save on transportation costs and it pays for itself in about 9-10 years and the rake itself works for about 25-30 years. NTPC already owns rakes, they will increase their rakes. I asked all state that GENCOS has rakes to reduce the load on the railways.”

The minister also said that the government is preparing to increase the stock of coal in power stations to 40 million tonnes (MT) during the monsoon season.

At present, there are reserves of about 22.9 MT in power plants.

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