FSP, the best power supply brand in five application areas


FSP is looking to push the boundaries of cutting-edge computing technology with an all-new line of power supplies this year. Specifically designed to optimize the performance of large-scale information centers and similar operations. These new power supplies feature small size, smart features, power distribution efficiency and anti-lightning functions in a high power density design. Additionally, FSP announces that it provides customized solutions to meet ever-changing industry demands. More: https://bit.ly/37Bzr0T

Planning to expand their expertise into the medical field this year, using over 2 decades of unparalleled experience in manufacturing medical power supplies, the latest medical machine-focused power supplies from FSP and Protek (Protek, a brand of the FSP group) are designed for many terminal product applications. , such as ventilators, rehabilitation devices, operating tables, ultrasound imaging equipment, biochemical analysis equipment, ophthalmic equipment, dental workstations, etc. Designed to cover four aspects, customized or fully customized ADAPTER, OPEN FRAME, PC POWER SUPPLY solution in a power range from 18W to 1100W according to customer needs in small and large volumes. More: https://bit.ly/3l3yCRI

Seeking a better solution for a sustainable approach to energy, the FSP group at COMPUTEX announced this year that it will actively focus on hybrid ESS and inverter, energy storage system design. battery power. Mainly focusing on the application areas of home use, commercial offices, buildings and factories, FSP’s product plan for smart energy solutions for the foreseeable future includes the energy storage system / PV inverter/battery module/UPS and electric vehicle battery charger. In addition, FSP’s intelligent energy storage system has reduced power wiring loss due to modular design, and multi-parallel-series combinations show great flexibility. With a High Power High Density (HPHD) design as the basis, the build area is further reduced by 50%. More: https://bit.ly/3ysNxwN

FSP Group plans to expand its frontiers in the gaming PC industry in 2022 by introducing innovative power solutions with enhanced power supply technology and next-level security features. PSDG ATX3.0 complies with the new power supply design specification update in 2022, which includes the current 12V CPU configuration, peak load requirements and other design specifications, FSP seeks to collaborate with market leaders like Intel and AMD to create consistent power supplies that deliver the best power output to extract maximum performance from the latest processors. Additionally, FSP gaming-focused power supplies feature new PCIe Gen 5 support hardware with the latest power supplies carrying a 12VHPWR PCIe cable, designed to produce higher output to meet the latest high-demand GPUs in the market. More: https://bit.ly/3Masd2Z

FSP this year at COMPUTEX will also present the PD Charger app. The new PD Charger product series aims to provide a full power range from 30W to 240W and includes wall and desktop, direct and indirect reference standards and customized product plans to meet the needs of customers of different industries. More: https://bit.ly/3L7t17F

In conclusion, FSP seeks to lead the market with innovative solutions that appeal to a wide range of users. At COMPUTEX 2022, the FSP Group makes it very clear that it intends to become the driving force of the global power supply industry for years to come and promises innovative and uncompromising solutions for the masses.

For more product information, please visit:
Official site of the FSP group at: www.fsp-group.com
FSP Group branded products website at: www.FSPLifestyle.com
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