Four power transmission substations inaugurated last week


Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba inaugurated the New Khimti 220 kV power substation on Saturday as part of a series of inaugurations of transmission line substations in different parts of the country.

The substation located in Manthali-13 Municipality has been in operation since July last year, when the electricity generated by the 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi hydropower project was evacuated.

In the past week, Nawalpur 132kV substation in Sarlahi was inaugurated on March 15th and New Butwal 220kV substation and Motipur 132kV substations were inaugurated on March 17th.

“The construction of all these transmission lines and substations has only recently been completed. So they were inaugurated,” said Suresh Bhattarai, spokesman for the Nepal Electricity Authority. “There is no need to give it a political color.”

The electricity generated by the 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi hydroelectric project was transmitted to the New Khimti substation via the Gongar-New Khimti transmission line.

Similarly, power generated by independent power producers along the Likhu Khola corridor, including the 52.4 MW Likhu 4 and 24.2 MW Likhu khola A projects, was also connected to the substation. from New Khimti. The substation is also connected to Dhalkebar substation in Dhanusha.

In the New Khimti substation, the Upper Tamakoshi hydroelectric project had already installed a 220/132 kV, 100 MVA power transformer to evacuate the electricity generated by the independent power producers in the Likhu corridor.

Later, the NEA decided to install an additional 220/132/33 kV, 200 MVA power transformer in New Khimti as part of the New Khimti Augmentation Project under the Ramechhap-Transmission Line Project. Garjyang-Khimti of 132 kV, as existing capacity proved insufficient to evacuate power from independent power producers in the Likhu and Garjyang corridors.

“This will help improve power quality and control voltage fluctuations,” said Dirghayu Kumar Shrestha, chief transmission officer at NEA.

Just last week, Energy Minister Pampha Bhusal inaugurated the 132 kV substation built in Lalbandi-1 Municipality in Nawalpur of Sarlahi district on March 15.

Previously, electricity was supplied by a 33 kV line from Dhalkebar and Chandranigahapur substations in Sarlahi. As the 33 kV line is very long, leaks were significant and power cuts were more frequent.

“This is a substation with larger capacity which will provide reliable power supply to Malangawa, Haripur and Nawalpur areas of Satpari,” Shrestha said. “As there are few industrial units in Sarlahi, this substation will provide reliable power supply to households.”

According to the NEA, the main objective of this project is to strengthen the power supply system and improve the power transfer capacity to meet the growing demand of Sarlahi district.

Two days later, on March 17, Minister Bhusal also inaugurated two other substations – 220kV New Butwal substation built in Sunwal-13 municipality of Nawalparasi and 132kv Motipur substation built in Banganga municipality- 7 of Kapilvastu.

Currently, the New Butwal substation has been loaded with electricity brought in a 132 kV transmission line.

“The substation will help evacuate the electricity generated from the Kaligandaki Corridor,” Shrestha said.

The 220kV Kali Gandaki transmission line project is currently under construction.

Similarly, the 132kV Motipur substation was constructed by breaking the long transmission line connecting Butwal and Chanauta. It will improve the quality of power supply in the Motipur area and control leaks. The government plans to establish an industrial zone in Motipur.

“The high-capacity transmission will also help attract industrial establishments there,” Shrestha said.

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