Fortum Oyj: submits the Loviisa nuclear power plant operating license application to the government.


fortune [Power and Heat Oy] submitted the Loviisa NPP operating license application to the Finnish government on 18.3.2022.

Fortum is requesting a new operating license for the two nuclear power plants until the end of 2050. Fortum is also requesting a license to use the disposal facility for low and intermediate level radioactive waste located in the current plant area electricity from Loviisa until 2090.

“We want to support the achievement of Finland’s and Europe’s carbon neutrality goals and enable the construction of a reliable, competitive and sustainable energy system,” says Simon Erik OllusDeputy Managing Director, Generation Division.

“Extending the life of the Loviisa power plant is important for the whole of Finland because it helps to secure the supply of clean household electricity also in the future,” adds Ollus.

“Our employees have done a very good job in terms of the safety and reliability of electricity production throughout the history of the plant. Thanks to their know-how and expertise, the Loviisa plant is in good condition and we can continue its operations safely.” said Sasu Valkamovice-president of the Loviisa de Fortum nuclear power plant.

The Finnish government will consider Fortum’s operating license application. The Finnish government will request statements from various parties, including the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, and will make its decision based on expert statements. The process is estimated to take about a year.

Media contacts:
Fortum Press Office, news desk[at] fortune[dot] com+358 40 198 2843

Loviisa nuclear power plant

In 2021, the load factor of the Loviisa nuclear power plant, 100% owned by Fortum, was 92.9%. The continuous development and modernization of the plant enables some of the best load factors for pressurized water reactors on an international scale. Over the past five years, Fortum’s investments in the Loviisa power plant have totaled around 325 million euros. In 2021, the power station produced a total of 8.2 terawatt hours (net) of electricity, more than 10% of Finland’s electricity production. Fortum employs approximately 700 nuclear industry professionals, 530 of whom work at the Loviisa plant. In addition, nearly 100 permanent employees from other companies work daily in the plant area. More information:

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