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Mumbai: In the face of unrest among farmers and aggressive opposition, the state government announced on Monday that it would restore power connections to agricultural consumers that had been cut due to pending payments. State Energy Minister Nitin Raut told the state assembly that power to farm pumps would not be cut off for the next three months to allow farmers time to harvest their crops. .
The issue of cut power connections to farmers had sparked protests across the state. The BJP opposition disrupted the assembly on several occasions demanding that the government keep its word and restore connections. Even MPs from the ruling parties, including Shiv Sena’s Balaji Kalyankar and NCP’s Prakash Solanke, have called for the connections to be restored.
“MSEDCL is facing massive arrears of around Rs 64,000 crore. The arrears of agricultural pumps were Rs 44,920 crore till December 2020. The arrears of consumers whose electricity was cut off are Rs 6,423 crore,” Raut told the Legislative Assembly.
He said the arrears of domestic, industrial and commercial consumers by March 2021 stood at Rs 7,568 crore. He said city councils and corporations owed MSEDCL Rs 9,011 crore and government offices owed Rs 207 crore.
Raut said that after offering an installment payment option to industrial, commercial and household consumers, their arrears fell to Rs 5,492 crore in January. The state had proposed an amnesty scheme for those who owned agricultural pumps and would waive penalties worth Rs 15,097 crore, reducing arrears to Rs 30,731 crore.

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