Farmers reeling from prolonged power outage


Nizambad: Farmers took to the streets in different localities to protest the prolonged and unannounced power cuts, but the unrest brought them no significant relief as the power cut continued to hit their areas during the Kharif season.

“Protests against power cuts have become routine, but in fact to no avail,” said farmers Raju & Muttanna.

Farmers in Mortad mandal demand 24 hour uninterrupted power supply. Farmers in Pocharam, Tanakalan and Dupalli who have besieged Tanakalan substation demand at least 16 hours of electricity daily.

On the other hand, power officials have stated categorically that their wish cannot be granted due to the shortage of coal reserves.

However, electricity department officials have taken steps to improve the power supply to rural areas.

Electricity supply for agriculture in Nizamabad district has been increased to 11 a.m. from 9 a.m. before June 28.

There are 1,77,000 agricultural power connections in Nizamabad district.

Due to the Kharif season, there is a demand of 3.5 million units of electricity per day for agriculture, the electricity department only supplies 2.3 million units to the agricultural sector, which is not enough.

Due to the lack of demand-based power supply, all the farmers turn on their electric motors at the same time and the load increases and the power supply is interrupted frequently.

Although power department officials claimed to have provided uninterrupted power for 9 hours until June 28, in fact, due to frequent load shedding, power was not supplied to even agriculture. for five hours.

Nizamabad district requires power supply of 9 MU per day for domestic, industrial and agricultural use in Nizamabad district but receives only 5.8 million units per day.

Due to the rainfall deficit in June, electricity consumption increased to an unprecedented level.

Electricity consumption has increased as farmers who have sown seeds rely on water from the borehole.

SE R Ravinder, Northern Power Distribution Company, told The Hans India that the power supply has been improved since June 28.

NPDCL officials are working with the intention of giving 13 hours of electricity to agriculture. This kind of measure will be taken in the next three weeks. Farmers are now asking for 13 hours of power supply until the end of the Kharif season. Farmers say that if it rains in July and August, they won’t need electricity.

Farmers also demand quality agricultural power supply because their pump set motors often burn out due to fluctuations and interruptions in the power supply.

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