Electricity production up 8.9% in January 2022


CARACHI: Electricity generation in Pakistan increased by 8.9% on an annual basis to reach 8,797 GWh (11,824 MW) in January 2022, compared to 8,079 GWh (10,859 MW) in the same month last year , according to a report by Arif Habib Limited. show.

The increase in production was due to higher production from high-speed diesel (HSD), nuclear, wind, fuel oil (FO) and coal.

Major contributors to production in the month under review included coal with 33%, nuclear 14.4%, gas 14.4%, FO 14.1%, regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) 7% , HSD 7%, Hydel 6%, wind 2%, bagasse 1% and solar 1%.

Coal-fired power generation rose 39% month-on-month in January due to the resumption of the China Power Hub-1 generating unit, which was offline due to a transformer failure.

In January 2022, the cost of fuel for power generation increased by 102% on an annual basis to reach Rs 12.22/KWh, mainly due to the increase in generation cost based on FO, HSD , coal and RLNG.

On top of that, hydel and solar production decreased by 52% and 3% on an annual basis, respectively.

The cost of fuel for power generation increased by 102% on an annual basis in January 2022, with the cost of coal-based generation increasing by 118% on an annual basis to Rs 14.10/KWh. in the month due to the 97% rise in coal prices year over year.

RLNG based generation cost increased by 101% on an annual basis to Rs 16.70/KWh due to 71% year-on-year increase in RLNG prices to Rs 2,395 /mmbtu ($13.57/mmbtu) .

The FO-based generation cost increased by 85% on an annual basis to Rs 22.81/KWh, while the HSD-based generation cost also increased by 37% year-on-year to Rs 25.98/ kWh.

Hydel-based generation decreased by 52% and solar-based generation also decreased by 3% on an annual basis.

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