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The Department of Energy (DOE) is preparing a set of documents containing the initiatives it hopes the next administration will pursue, including the unrealized adoption of nuclear power in the country’s energy mix under the Duterte administration. .

“What we are preparing is a full report from the secretary [Alfonso] Cusi to his successor,” Undersecretary Felix William Fuentebella said during a virtual press briefing.

Fuentebella said the DOE will push for the Duterte administration’s national position on nuclear power to be included in the next administration’s legislative framework.

“If the country proceeds with the development of a nuclear energy program), “he said.

Presumed President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and presumed Vice President Sara Duterte have already pledged to accelerate the country’s adoption of nuclear power in a bid to reduce electricity rates after President Rodrigo Duterte released an executive decree exploiting nuclear energy as a source of energy with other alternative energies. Resources.

Duterte’s EO 164 states that the “national government will assess, review and develop nuclear energy plans using integrated approaches that consider both the provision of energy supply and the role of energy efficiency for meet the growing demand for energy”.

Marcos had previously expressed his intention to revisit the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), which has been mothballed for more than three decades.

In addition to embracing nuclear power, Fuentebella said the DOE will also leave the next administration responsible for “building the nation’s energy resilience with respect to the development of indigenous and clean sources” as well as looking after of “what is happening”. in the international community,” especially the Russian-Ukrainian war that shook the world oil market and drove up prices.

“Exploration activities should be continuous…There is very good potential for offshore wind and its connection to the grid,” he said.

The DOE official added that he will also propose to the next administration the creation of a strategic petroleum reserve which will act as a buffer stock to cushion the impact of price increases resulting from disruptions in the world’s oil supply.

“We have a big push for other technologies, not just nuclear, but also renewables…focus on indigenous and clean sources,” Fuentebella said.—AOL, GMA News

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