Connectors and more designed for North American power applications


09-06-2022 | Workbook | Connectors, switches and EMECH

Binder released the 823 and 824 series of cable connectors for use on the North American continent. K- and L-coded M12 products are particularly intended for power applications and feature screw terminals. They meet the requirements of the industrial degree of protection IP67, i.e. they are designed to be dust tight and protected against temporary immersion.

K-coding indicates five-pin connectors that are ideal for power supply in AC applications, including drives or frequency converters up to 630 VAC and up to 12 A. DC compact drives, Decentralized I/O modules and various other DC-powered automation components connected to fieldbus systems are some of the target applications for connectors also five-pin with L-coding. They are created for voltage ratings up to 63VDC and for rated currents up to 16A.

Electromechanical interfaces on control cabinets for the North American market require approvals in accordance with UL 2237 and UL 2238 standards. While UL 2238 specifies cable assemblies and connectors for signal transmission, UL 2237 defines other conditions for the power segment, such as power supply in drives. It includes specifications for testing connectors, cables and cable glands and security elements.

The product series incorporates both male and female cables and angled connectors for voltage ratings of 630 VAC at current ratings of 12 A (K-coding; pin count 4+PE) and 63 VDC at 16 A (coding L; number of pins 4+FE – functional earth), respectively. They feature M12x1 threads, 8mm to 13mm cable outlets and screw terminals. To meet the requirements of UL 2237, the threaded ring is electrically connected to the PE contact.

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