Bulgarian capital pursues nuclear deal with Athens


In an interview with Ekathimerini, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has revealed that the country’s capital, Sofia, is considering potential suppliers to make a proposal “within 12 months” to supply Greece with energy from an emerging local power plant.

Mr. Petkov told the media that the purpose of this proposal is to strengthen the energy interconnection between the two countries using the IGB gas pipeline (a cross-border gas pipeline project involving the construction of a gas pipeline between Greece and Bulgaria), and the natural gas reserves of northern Greece.

“These are two options that we want to move on as quickly as possible, in order to have alternatives,” Petkov said.

The Prime Minister also condemned the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, denouncing his “unreasonable actions” and claiming the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians who he says are being killed “on the altar of the imperial desires of an authoritarian ruler”. .

Although he recognizes that Bulgaria has close ties with the people and culture in Russia, he separates himself and his people from the current actions of the Russian government.

The Prime Minister remains firm in his convictions and recently rejected Moscow’s call for NATO withdrawal from Bulgaria and Romania. He said it would not be dictated by anyone and as an independent state they would make their own decisions.

NATO Headquarters

Mr Petkov went on to explain why Sofia wants to be excluded from the European Union’s decision to impose an embargo on imports of Russian gas by stating that they depend on this energy.

“Many European countries are taking tough action against Russia, and even countries like Germany or Austria cannot completely exclude Russian gas, on which they are heavily dependent.”

“We are more than 80% dependent on Russian energy. Essentially we would shut down our economy,” he said.

Source: Ekathimerini

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