Brazil authorizes new power plants


Brazil’s electric power watchdog, Aneel, has authorized the commercial operation of the Juazeiro V photovoltaic power plant.

Located in the municipality of Juazeiro, in the state of Bahia, the company is owned by Atlas Renewable Energy and has 47.3 MW of installed capacity.

It will join the Juazeiro I-IV complex, in operation since 2018. The complex will also include the Juazeiro VI-VIII factories, construction of which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Aneel also authorized the start of testing of the production units of the Biguaçu biogas plant in Veolia in the state of Santa Catarina and of the Serra do Mato IV wind farm in Qair Brasil in Ceará.

The regulator has also authorized the commercial operation of five production units of the Serra do Mato I wind project in Qair.

According to Aneel, Brazil currently has around 180 GW of electricity capacity in operation, including 109 GW of hydropower, 46 GW of thermal power, 20 GW of wind, 4 GW of solar photovoltaic power, 1.9 GW. nuclear power and 50 MW of wave power.

Under construction, an additional 14 GW: 5.8 GW of wind power, 3.3 GW of solar photovoltaic power, 2.9 GW of thermal power, 1.35 GW of nuclear power and 545 MW of hydroelectricity.

And authorized by Aneel but whose construction has not yet started, 40 GW of additional projects: 26.7 GW of solar photovoltaic, 6 GW of wind, 5.4 GW of thermal and 1.47 GW of hydroelectricity.


On Wednesday, the Eletrosul unit of the federal electricity company Eletrobras issued a call for tenders for the supply of wind turbines and operation and maintenance services for the Coxilha Negra wind farm in the municipality of Sant ‘ Ana do Livramento, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The complete leaflet containing the instructions, the timetable, the technical specifications and the conditions of participation is available on, and the public call for tenders is scheduled for December 7.

The company will have an installed capacity of 302 MW and its transmission network will include two collecting substations.

Construction work is expected to start by the end of the first half of 2022 and operations are expected to start by the end of 2024. The electricity produced will be sold on the open market.

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