‘Big Power Switch Off’ scheduled tonight to protest rising energy costs


Organizers of a protest are asking everyone in the UK to turn off the power for 10 minutes at 10pm tonight to send a message about rising energy costs.

Of course, the cost of living crisis is something that has – or will certainly affect – almost everyone in the country.

Well, those of us who officially live and pay taxes here anyway.

So with that in mind, the Big Power Switch Off has been staged to take place tonight, with Britons asked to turn off lights and unplug their electrical appliances in protest at unreasonably high energy prices.

Several factors are behind rising energy costs, including the UK’s overreliance on Russian energy sources, which is currently a problem due to war-related sanctions in Ukraine, but many argue that some elements are purely political, and the government could do more to help those who are really struggling.

By “really struggling” we mean that estimates from the Resolution Foundation suggest that 1.3 million people – including 500,000 children – could be pushed into absolute poverty due to the cost of living crisis.

Absolute poverty is when people cannot even afford the basics of life, such as housing, electricity, food and water.

Continuing rising prices and stagnating wages – the worst drop in living standards on record under any Parliament – mean that even those who weren’t struggling too much before are going to be worse off, and those who were already worse off are even worse off. difficulty.

Estimates suggest that 1.3 million people are expected to fall into absolute poverty. Credit: Alamy

With that in mind, the plan of those organizing on Twitter is to ask everyone to turn off the power for 10 minutes to let the energy companies know how they feel.

Organizers said the action was meant to be “non-partisan” and a Facebook post that has been regularly shared reads: “Tonight is the night of the big blackout.

“The idea is that, if it doesn’t put you in danger, you turn off all your electrical appliances, your lights or cut the circuit breakers for 10 minutes.

“This short outage will cause an imbalance on the national grid, where consumption becomes lower than expected and therefore the power supply is too high.

“To protect the grid, power plants will be temporarily disconnected or issued advisories to mitigate their output.”

Organizers say electrical appliances must be turned off by 10:00 p.m.  Credit: Alamy
Organizers say electrical appliances must be turned off by 10:00 p.m. Credit: Alamy

“Because the grid is publicly owned, but the power supply is private, it effectively creates a 10-minute boycott of privatized parts of our power supply, causing them to lose up to around £9million in revenue.

“It’s true, private energy companies collect around £9m every 10 minutes in the UK!

“We hope that this slap in the wallet will encourage energy companies to review their prices, as was the case in Spain.”

This reference to Spain, in case you were wondering, comes after they staged a similar protest in March, which prompted Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to institute a new package of emergency economic measures.

So if you can do it safely, you can decide for yourself if you want to join later.

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