Turkey breaks wind power production record


As the world increasingly turns to green energy due to the climate crisis, Turkey, which has increased its renewable energy capacity, has achieved 20% of its energy production from day to day. from the wind, breaking a production record.

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Thus, Turkey’s electricity generation from wind reached the highest share of renewable energy with 20.2%.
Turkey, which has become fifth in Europe and 12th in the world for installed capacity of renewable energy, ranks first in Europe for geothermal energy and second for hydropower, according to official data.

The country also ranks eighth in Europe for solar, wind and biomass energy production.

Noting that Turkey aims to reach an installed capacity of 25,000 megawatts by 2030, the President of the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), Ebru Arıcı, said that new records will inevitably be broken as new investments in wind will become available under the Paris Agreement and Green Agreement Objectives.
“The wind industry in Turkey is at a very developed stage. Considering that 70 percent of what is produced today is exported, we can say that we have no problem in terms of quality, ”noted Arıcı.

Arıcı pointed out that with 3,615 turbines operating in 274 power plants across Turkey, more than 10 percent of energy needs are met by occasional wind from plants that have been commissioned with partial acceptance.

Arıcı pointed out that over the past five years, green transformation has been on Turkey’s agenda and the country has seen the positive results of early and rapid progress today.

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Stating that more than 20,000 people are directly employed in the wind energy sector, she pointed out that the national wind industry is at a highly developed stage.

Ankara has made security of energy supply a central pillar of its energy strategy, including efforts to boost investment in the clean energy sector.

The country has experienced a considerable diversification of its energy mix over the past decade, notably thanks to the growth in the production of renewable electricity.

On October 7, the Turkish Parliament ratified the Paris climate agreement to contribute to and implement global efforts against climate change.

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