The plain language of economic sages: leave nuclear power plants on the grid!


Because of the Kremlin tyrant, Putin, we are threatened with a drastic deterioration in the supply of gas energy!

► Early on Wednesday, the Federal Minister of the Economy, Robert Habeck (52, Greens), activated the alert level of the so-called gas emergency plan in the face of the imminent deterioration of the supply situation.

Economic experts: (from left to right) Monika Schnitzer, Achim Truger, Volker Wieland and Veronika Grimm at the press conference to present the updated economic forecasts on WednesdayPhoto: Action Press

The Council of Economic Experts, the federal government’s committee of economic experts, warned before a horribly expensive shock, if Russia were to cut the gas.

Is there a reason to leave the three nuclear power plants still in operation in Germany connected to the grid and to reactivate those that are already closed?

BILD interviewed business experts

And they clearly said: YES! Keep nuclear power plants connected to the grid longer!

Economy Veronika Grimm: “In fact, it would make sense to extend the operating times of the three existing nuclear power plants that are still connected to the grid by five years.

Reason: In the next few years, Germany must finally become independent of Russian gas!

His colleague Volker Wieland went even further!

He said: “I would also say yes, definitely. We are in a conflict that will not end tomorrow. And we want to position ourselves in a position of strength.

According to him, recently closed power plants should even be reconnected to the network!

Wieland also downplayed the anti-nuclear stance in German politics. He said that now at least we should stop telling neighboring countries to stop using nuclear energy. Wieland: “I don’t think it’s very convincing”…

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