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NASHIK: About 4,000 commercial and residential consumers in parts of Old Town Nashik have had to go long hours – in some cases more than 24 hours – without power since Friday afternoon after part of the cable underground was damaged.
The cable damage has affected the power supply of the two feeder lines from which electricity is supplied to these consumers in places like Saraf Bazaar, Ravivar Karanja and Bhandi Bazaar. With the maximum temperature hovering around 36-37 degrees Celsius, people here struggled without fans or lights.
DH Padalkar, the superintendent engineer of the Nashik Circle of the MSEDCL, told TOI that the power utility was able to restore power to affected consumers in phases. “As of late Friday evening, power had resumed for approximately 3,600 consumers. The remaining 400 odd-numbered consumers regained power by Saturday afternoon,” Padalkar said.
“When the power supply was suddenly interrupted on Friday afternoon, we first thought that the MSEDCL had to do some work before the monsoon. But when the power was not restored even after more than a hour, we started contacting the local MSEDCL authorities, it is so difficult to go without a fan in this heat,” said Rajesh Wagh, a consumer from Bhandi Bazaar.
Sunita Patil, a housewife from the same locality, said the only light she had while cooking dinner was from a candle. “None of my family could sleep at night because of the heat. Electricity for us was not restored until around 11 a.m. on Saturday,” she said.
Some residents of the affected areas said they could not pump water from underground tanks to above ground tanks. They had to carry buckets of water up the stairs.
Girish Navase, president of the Nashik Jewelers Association, said many traders in the affected areas had to close their shops on Friday night because there was no light. “The UPS batteries were also drained at the time. There was no way to recharge the batteries,” he said and added that power to Saraf Bazaar was restored at 16 hours Saturday.
Some jewelers said even their goldsmiths had to do intricate ornamental work by candlelight. “It’s difficult to do such delicate and precise work by candlelight. But we had no choice because we too have deadlines to meet. We have to hand over the jewelry to our customers,” they said. .
According to MSEDCL officials, parts of the road had recently been dug by some agencies and the underground cables had been damaged. “We had to find the damaged sections of the underground cable and then repair them. This exercise took time. We call on all agencies involved in the digging of the roads to exercise caution so that the cables are not damaged”, have added MSEDCL officials. .

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