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Bengaluru: Nuclear power generation is comparatively better than any other source of power generation, Atomic Energy Department Secretary KN Vyas said on Saturday.

Vyas compared nuclear power generation to thermal power generation, which has many disadvantages.

“Each 1,000 MW unit of nuclear power requires 20 hectares while coal-fired power plants require 70 hectares of land and the yields are negligible,” he pointed out.

Speaking at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and the National Aerospace Laboratories at the NAL premises, Vyas said the Rajasthan solar park spread over 1,000 acres will generate 200 MW, but it has the disadvantage of having to be washed. over and over again in the arid region.

The nuclear scientist compared the Kaiga nuclear power plant in Karnataka to the solar park in Rajasthan.

“…this (solar plant) is about 1,000 acres and Kaiga is 4,100 acres. Certainly (at the present time) this (Kaiga) is of no benefit.

So what’s the catch? We will be able to get 2,000 MW of power (in Kaiga), if we see the facility being part of it. If you see a solar power plant, it is expected to produce more stable energy during the day.

They (the solar park authorities) don’t talk about the night,” he said.

Stressing that India has yet to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of power generation, Vyas said it lags behind many developed countries.

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