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Electricity generation in Pakistan increased by 9%, reaching 8,797 GWh (11,824 MW) in January 2022, compared to 8,079 GWh (10,859 MW) in the same month of the previous year, according to data provided. by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Saturday.

During 7MFY22, power generation also increased by 9.3% year-on-year to 83,193 GWh (16,123 MW) from 76,126 GWh (14,753 MW) during 7MFY21, Arif Habib Limited said. (AHL) in its report.

However, in January 2022, the cost of fuel for power generation increased by 102% to 12.22 rupees/KWh from 6.06 rupees in the same month last year, “mainly due to the increased costs of FO, HSD, coal and RLNG”. generation,” AHL said.

On a monthly basis, the cost of fuel increased by 48.3% from the 8.24 rupees recorded in December 2021.

“Sound economic activities and an industrial support program remained the main drivers of electricity demand growth,” Ismail Iqbal Securities Limited (IISL) said in a report.

Electricity production from hydel accounted for 6% of production, but recorded a 52% drop to 513 GWh in January 2022 from 1,067 GWh in January 2021. On a monthly basis, production from hydel decreased by 71%, compared to 1,769 GWh.

“Pakistan has recorded the lowest hydel generation in the last 2 years,” the IISL report says.

Alongside this, RLNG-based electricity production stood at 626 GWh in January 2022, down significantly by 32% year-on-year and 47% month-on-month.

“With the resumption of electricity production from the first unit of the CPHGC plant, coal production increased by 39% MoM”, to 2,917 GWh, the report said.

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Meanwhile, nuclear power generation amounted to 1,265 GWh, jumping 48% year-on-year from 853 GWh, while on a monthly basis power generation nuclear fell by 18% to 1,549 GWh.

“Due to a significant reduction in RLNG, hydel and nuclear generation, the highest HSD (High Speed ​​Diesel) power generation ever in the last ten years was recorded in January 22,” the report said, as HSD power generation was recorded at 592. GWh, up 1,182% year on year and 136% month on month.

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