Outdoor mobile power industry competition peaks again, trending brand Traveler (TRAVOR) explodes overnight


Outdoor power supply continues to be the best-selling item

In recent years, the outdoor power market has become increasingly hot, and outdoor power products are constantly iterated and updated. With the iteration of battery technology and inverter technology, the application scope of outdoor power supply has greatly expanded. Portable energy storage products can be used in various outdoor scenarios such as camping, fishing, cycling, RV travel, outdoor sports, etc. They can provide green power for various devices such as cell phones, computers, drones, photographic equipment, lighting, etc. The outdoor power supply is mature in the international market, portable energy storage products can rapidly penetrate, the outdoor domestic market is developing rapidly, and the market potential is huge. According to relevant reports, the number of people involved in outdoor activities in the United States accounts for nearly half of the total population of the United States, and the number of people involved in outdoor activities in China has increased. rapidly in recent years and now exceeds 400 million. . The newly introduced 14th five-year plan emphasizes the vigorous development of clean energy, which undoubtedly pushes external energy into the fast track of development, and under the tilt of the policy, the future chain of l ‘outdoor power industry will have more room for exploration.

Outdoor power supply becomes a necessary product for sophisticated camping

Growing industry scale

With global climate change, social and economic development, changes in energy structure, popularity of close-to-nature outdoor living, and increasing popularity of smart electronic products, people’s demand for portable green energy continues to increase. increase. Portable energy storage products are based on the portable energy needs of outdoor travel, emergency disaster preparedness and other scenarios. Compared with traditional energy consumption methods such as fuel generators, mobile energy storage power stations are safe, environmentally friendly, convenient, quiet, cost-effective, which can generate both AC and direct current and be widely adaptable, these are therefore emerging products that meet market demand.

External power supply compared to the traditional use of power supply such as oil-fired machines

At present, the global outdoor mobile power industry is in a period of rapid growth, whether the Jackery, the representative of the first generation of brands, as an outdoor power category to create a brand, establishes the era of outdoor power 1.0, so the Eugenics brand representative creates the era of outdoor power 2.0. Jackery, as one of the earliest brands in the outdoor power category, detected the business opportunities in the outdoor power industry and instantly occupied the outdoor power virgin market. With the continuous development of technological innovation and market consumption, the scale of the industry continues to increase. Soon, the 2.0 era brands represented by EcoFlow will gradually gain a place in the industry by strengthening product technology research and development, brand appearance design and effective brand promotion, especially in terms of fast charging technology, it has been greatly improved compared to the first generation products in the industry!

Outdoor Power Category Product Function Evolution

Due to the high profit margin and large market space of portable energy storage products, the number of market participants and industry scale have shown a rapid growth trend, constantly attracting peripheral companies digital and well-known technology brand companies. Research and develop the outdoor energy industry!

Portable Energy Storage Industry Standard: Jackery

The technology iteration leader in the portable energy storage industry: EcoFlow

The rebound of new competing brands

The rise of the outdoor power category, also to promote the entire portable energy storage industry R & D technology and the application of new materials and new technologies continue to break through, outdoor power products continue to iterate and update, brands continue to update industry records. With the popularity of a variety of fast charging technologies and the progress of research and development, outdoor mobile power storage is becoming larger and larger, but the charging time is becoming shorter and shorter, the frequency of consumer use and purchase is bound to be higher and higher. Market sales of the first generation of outdoor mobile power supply is more like a large charging battery in the early years, the product’s biggest problem is that the charging time is too long, the design is too industrial, the latest products provide a simpler appearance design, and in the charging time and other aspects of technology to improve, along with the growing maturity of technology category development, new technologies and new brands are emerging .

The New Main Competitor in the Portable Energy Storage Industry: TRAVOR

According to the industry’s inertia of collecting opinions from global intentional customers before the official sale of 3C digital brands, the author searched on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Makuake, Campfire and other world-renowned crowdfunding platforms and found: the new generation outdoor exterior represented by TRAVOR and zendure Power supply brands, market application technology research and development performance are very active, among which, in terms of charging time, of inverter technology, power supply methods, etc., technology research and development is rapidly evolving iteratively, such as the traveler who pre-tests Kickstarter and Campfire Outdoor power supply, launched Kickstarter to reach the goal in less than 72 hours, and simultaneously triggered the first invitation from Indiegogo, Campfire and other platforms es and global tech media rushed to report. Fast charging speed (80% charge in 45mins, full charge in 70mins), and 3 times inverter technology, and according to advertising data reviewed by Indiegogo, Campfire and other platforms, its charging speed is currently the first in the world! Up-to-date industry knowledge.

Traveller’s outside feed on kickstarter 72 hours to get global media coverage

Although TRAVOR, known as the dark horse of the industry, has yet to appear, it can be seen on major online community platforms around the world. In addition to ready-made lists of celebrities on major social media platforms, there are also reports from major professional media outlets. TRAVOR has already emerged in the industry before being officially sold. Perhaps it has to do with his positioning as a frontier explorer of energy technology and artistic aesthetics. Its innovations that set it apart from other outdoor power brands also include its unique features. Appearance design, TRAVOR subverts the traditional concept of exterior aesthetics, and seizes the trend vane with its highly creative product design! Coupled with the core technology focusing on user experience and the application of new, safer and more environmentally friendly material processes, TRAVOR is expected to stand out in the 3.0 era of the external power supply.

Crowdfunding TRAVOR on the startup platform has successfully reached the goal

The industry is booming

The strong advantages of the product make TRAVOR quickly explode in the circle like a dark horse. As a rising star in the field of outdoor mobile power, it has established itself in many competitions with differentiated brand positioning and iterative core technologies. This is an exciting thing for the entire outdoor mobile power industry. The market response reflects market demand and involves the booming opportunities across the industry. Development is gradually moving towards balanced development. There are big brands upstream with the blessing of capital, the midstream will gather more brands with segmented marketing, and there will be more related industry brands such as mobile phone charging treasures downstream. A new market and qualifying competition begins in silence! Like most category competitions, when competition shifts from supply-demand balance competition to core technology competition, from product competition to brand competition, the model of brands in the outdoor mobile power industry is bound to be full of many variables. Zhenghao, which was the first to eat the technological innovation crab, or Traveler Technology, which recently exploded with its iterative technological advantages, is a new track full of challenges. The rules of the track are gradually replaced by new technologies, new processes, rewritten by new ideas, outdoor power brands are gradually affecting the world.

Photo credit: TRAVOR is invited to review the preview at Campfire

Trademark TRAVOR website: https://cn.travorenergy.com/products/yesmeta-pro

Campfire website of the Japanese crowdfunding platform TRAVOR: https://comingsoon.higizmos.com/travor-jp

TRAVOR US crowdfunding platform kickstarter website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/travor/setting-a-new-record-for-speed-the-worlds-fastest-Charging?ref=dhwyoy&token=3869007e

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