OnePlus 10 Pro will not support 80W fast charging in the US


The OnePlus 10 Pro supports 80W wired fast charging, but buyers in North America will be stuck with 65W charging due to power restrictions.

the OnePlus 10 Pro shows 80W fast charging on its spec sheet, but US fans waiting to get their hands on the phone will have to settle for a maximum charging power of 65W. OnePlus’ latest flagship has gone official in China in January, but the company took its time to optimize the software experience before launching the phone in international markets. As OnePlus’ ties with Oppo and its supply chain have grown closer in recent quarters, the situation around the software has been the subject of heated debate.

OnePlus has merged the codebase of its well-received OxygenOS skin with Oppo’s Android ColorOS interface to speed up the development process and roll out updates at a faster pace. OnePlus announced plans to preload its phones in China with ColorOS, but decided to ship overseas models with OxygenOS 13 offering a close-to-stock Android experience. But it seems that the differences between the Chinese and international variants run deeper than just the software experience.


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Ahead of its global launch on March 31, OnePlus posted a detailed performance breakdown of the OnePlus 10 Pro on its community forums. In the post, OnePlus states that in North America, the OnePlus 10 Pro will only support 65W fast charging speeds. The company claims this is because the 80W maximum charge does not support Supports 110V or 120V AC power, which is a standard on power outlets in the country. The limitation is rather odd, as this is the first time a major smartphone maker has publicly admitted that it is offering a downgraded version of a flagship feature for North American markets such as the United States.

65W is still quite fast

OnePlus 10 Pro skips 80W charging in the US.

However, North America isn’t the only market where OnePlus 10 Pro buyers will be stuck with 65W wired fast charging, if power throttling is also enforced elsewhere. Central American countries such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Panama, and Puerto Rico will also be affected, as none of the aforementioned countries exceed the 120V power threshold. The situation is much better in Latin America, only a few countries sticking to the 110V-120V range. As for Asia and Europe, almost all countries in these two continents are powered via 220V-230V outlets. Based on data compiled by the International Electrotechnical Commission and global standards, it appears that OnePlus’ 80W charging hasn’t been made with the North American market as a key priority.

Not getting 80W charging support on the OnePlus 10 Pro might be a bummer for potential buyers in the US, but 65W is still pretty fast. Looking at the competition, the OnePlus 10 Pro reigns supreme by a healthy margin, even with a lower 65W charging capacity. W. Samsung’s pricey Galaxy S22 Ultra also achieves 45W fast charging. When it comes to wireless power transfer, the OnePlus 10 ProEven further ahead of the competition is 50W wireless charging technology.

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