Tuesday, October 19 2021

LIMERICK – According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the emergency cooling system at the Exelon Nuclear Power Plant in Limerick, which was found to be inoperative on September 23, was repaired and returned to service on September 27.

This equipment system is called a “high pressure coolant injection system”. According to Diane Screnci, senior spokesperson for NRC region 1 based at the King of Prasha, “used to provide cooling water and maintain reactor vessel water levels after a particular accident. Will be done. “

Screnci said the plant has “multiple backup systems” and “no danger to the public.”

This problem was discovered during regular “watchtaking” tests.

“The system did not pass the test and was declared unusable. After troubleshooting and repair, the system was put back into service early Monday, ”Crenci replied to an email response to a request from Media News Group. I have written it.

“Our inspectors were monitoring Exelon’s troubleshooting and repair efforts over the weekend,” Crenci wrote in an email.

Limerick Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Cooling System Emergency Repair Completed – Daily Local

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