India achieves 40% non-fossil fuel power generation target


India has reached the target of 40% of its installed power generation capacity from non-fossil energy sources, an official statement said on Thursday (December 2nd).

“At COP 21, as part of its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), India pledged to achieve 40% of its installed electrical capacity from non-fossil energy sources by 2030 Said the Ministry of New and Renewable Energies.

He further added that the country had reached this target in November 2021 itself.

Objective reached in November

According to the statement, the installed renewable energy (RE) capacity of the country stands at 150.05 GW, while its installed electric capacity based on nuclear energy is 6.78 GW, The time of India reported.

This brings the total installed energy capacity based on non-fossil fuels to 156.83 GW, or 40.1% of the total installed electric capacity of 390.8 GW, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the recent COP26 climate change conference.

The statement added that the government has pledged to reach 500 GW of installed electrical capacity from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030.

According to the latest edition of the International Energy Agency’s annual renewable energy market report, despite the rising costs of critical materials used to make solar panels and wind turbines, the addition of new capacity for renewable energy in 2021 is expected to reach 290 gigawatts (GW), surpassing the previous all-time high set in 2020.

By 2026, global renewable electricity capacity is expected to increase by more than 60% from 2020 levels to over 800 GW, equivalent to the current total global electricity capacity of fossil fuels and nuclear combined. This is driven by more substantial support for government policies and more ambitious clean energy targets announced before and during the COP26 Climate Change Conference.

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