How batteries and solar power ensure the sustainability of major events


Planning or organizing in-person industrial events today, such as trade shows or conferences, can be a difficult task, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Health and safety is always a priority for event planners, now more than ever. But there is another concern that is rapidly growing in importance: the health and safety of our people. planet. Sustainable practices and operational decarbonization are rapidly gaining ground as high priorities in the event industry.

According to a report by the Natural Marketing Institute, more than half of American consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment when making purchasing decisions and are more likely to do business with those who follow sustainable practices. As more and more companies follow this trend and are transparent about it, event planners need to reflect and ask, “How can I make my event more sustainable or more environmentally friendly?” To better align with the values ​​of their participants, exhibitors, stakeholders and media.

There are many ways to approach the challenge of greening an event, from catering only to sustainable foods to using digital business cards. One of the most effective ways to drastically reduce an event’s carbon footprint is to watch how it’s powered. With readily available portable systems, there is a range of power solutions that can make major events more sustainable. The two that we will explore in this article are battery storage and solar panels; explore how both can make events greener and the multiple benefits they offer.

The silent power of batteries

The goal of battery storage is to save energy for later use – when and where it’s needed most.

Large scale portable batteries can be paired with any type of mobile generator (whether solar, HVO powered, natural gas, or traditional diesel) to provide additional reliability and reduce generator run time. By storing energy and relying less on generators, batteries can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of any event.

The drums themselves are quiet and emission-free, making them great options for arts events or other occasions that call for calm: brainstorming ceremonies, golf tournaments, concerts, or meditation retreats. Batteries also significantly reduce fuel costs and can thus make the energy system of any event more efficient, reliable (quiet!) And environmentally friendly.

The infinite power of the sun

Solar power has many unique advantages and qualities that make it a great choice for powering events. These are:

  • Solar is 100% emission-free
  • Combining solar power with batteries can deliver clean, reliable power 24/7
  • Solar is silent, eliminating the noise of a generator

For example, a 4kW solar panel attached to a battery storage unit could completely power a section of a music festival. In this way, festival-goers can enjoy days of amazing music without any interference from generator noise, thanks to the silence of the battery and solar power.

Plus, solar panels are awe-inspiring to see – it can be exciting and inspiring for attendees to see their event being powered in a clean and sustainable way.

Mix-and-match to find the ultimate green solution

The biggest advantage of battery and solar power is that the two resources can work together to provide the greenest power supply for many major events.

By working together, the two can create a hybrid micro-grid, a stand-alone version of a conventional power grid that directly supplies power to a specific area. These micro-grids consist of energy produced locally from solar panels, a back-up energy source such as a mobile generator and a portable battery storage system. This combination provides cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy.

As mentioned earlier, solar power is economical and the cleanest renewable energy source available – once installed, the costs of generating electricity are almost zero – as are emissions! A good back-up source of power when the sun is not shining, such as a generator, can be a suitable supplement to solar power. Generators are the go-to choice for safe and stable electricity, especially in remote areas, and are the perfect contingency plan when inclement weather affects solar panels. In addition, each year cleaner and more efficient fuels are introduced to the market and portable generators running on sustainable fuel sources are readily available.

Finally, smart battery storage is essential for a stable and reliable hybrid power supply. It can store solar energy when needed and cushion the impact of fluctuating energy demand and supply.

These hybrid microgrids are all individual, portable and modular power systems that can be mobilized and deployed as quickly as they can be removed. Mix and match to create a hybrid and you have a single power solution for any event, whether you need it for a few days or a few months.


When it comes to events, there is no margin for error. Being in the public eye, the pressure to perform in a sustainable manner is a serious challenge. But with the right mobile power solution, events can successfully support the global mission for a greener planet. Whether large or small, local or global, these new approaches to power can have a huge impact, allowing your event to run efficiently and cleanly, while giving attendees and exhibitors the satisfaction of knowing that they were part of an avant-garde event.

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