Ghulam Hassan Mir showed strong dismay at the uninterrupted power supply


Srinagar, April 20 (KNS): Former Cabinet Minister and Senior Deputy Chairman of Apni Party, Ghulam Hassan Mir on Wednesday expressed his dismay at the frequent power cuts during the holy month of Ramdhan, especially at the Sehri and Iftar time. He said the administration had failed to meet its own electricity reduction schedule, even in this Muslim holy month and, ironically, the department had offered no plausible explanation for the ongoing power cuts in The valley.

People are plagued with the many problems due to unexpected power outages from time to time. Most parts of the valley are left reeling from darkness even at the imperative times of Sehri and Iftar.

He said everyone knows that being Muslims, the dominant majority in Kashmir remains busy with some religious obligations in this holiest month, so the administration should provide them with all necessary facilities. Frequent power outages cause people suffering and make it difficult to adhere to their obligatory religious routine. It is disturbing to see that most areas of the valley face power outages every hour or so.

This is a clear sign of the irresponsible approach of the authorities concerned. The Lieutenant Governor’s administration must step in to ensure its promise of uninterrupted power to consumers in the Ramdhan. Power cuts, mainly from Magrib to Fajr, are unacceptable in this holy month. Therefore, the relevant officials must take all necessary measures to ensure adequate power supply to consumers in the valley. (KNS)

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