FSP Launches New 2400W Power Supply to Address Bottlenecks in High-Energy Computing

  • low iTHD
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 ° C
  • Operational at 5,000 meters altitude
  • Support OCP, OTP and OVP circuit protection
  • Short-circuit protection on all outputs
  • Resettable power off
  • MTBF: 100K continuous operating hours at 25 ° C, 100% output load
  • Compact size of 185mm
  • 80PLUS Platinum certified, high power density up to 74.2 W / in³

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2022 / PRNewswire / – In anticipation of an expected increase in demand for high-power computing, FSP Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power supplies, has released the FSP2400-20FM, the latest version of its redundant power supply in watts.

The FSP2400-20FM is the third generation of FSP’s flagship product based on industry standards CRPS. Going from 550 watts in previous models, the latest iteration goes one step further, with 2,400 watts of power in service, all in the same small frame as its predecessors. It retains the same compact size of previous models despite a much larger capacity. This saves customers time and money, as installing newer, physically larger power supplies typically involves high hardware and utility costs.

Smart energy management for a smarter, greener future

Its smart features match the extra capacity of the FSP2400-20FM in a small frame. It is essential for sensitive industries thanks to its Power Management Bus (PMBus) protocol, which is used to regulate power and manage components within systems and is implemented by industry leaders. This allows the FSP2400-20FM to communicate with various computer components from other manufacturers in a transparent and efficient manner. PMBus also allows features such as automatic increase and decrease of power according to energy demand.

This automation prevents system crashes and data loss in specific scenarios in facilities such as data centers, which may require a short burst of peak power beyond capacity to maintain several tens or hundreds of disks. hard in operation.

It also has other features such as firmware update function in the system and Smart On function, allowing the main power module to be turned off or on for better system efficiency.

Feeding the ‘edge’ of technology

The high capacity of the FSP2400-20FM is also suited to the expected dramatic increase in power requirements in high power computing industries and sub-industries over the coming years. This comes as sectors such as AI deep learning, advanced computing, and emerging sub-industriess, aYou will need powerful and power hungry graphics cards, which in turn would require high capacity power supplies like the FSP2400-20FM.

The FSP2400-20FM is part of a comprehensive family of CRPS products for businesses of all sizes, suitable for use in data centers, workstations or other world-class automation applications. With its compact size, smart features and protocols, the next-generation compact power supply is destined to become another consumer favorite in the PSP product line.

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