Center allocates 207 MW of additional power to J&K


Following public outcry over prolonged power cuts in Jammu and Kashmir, the central government finally allocated 207MW of additional power to the Union Territory.

Principal Secretary of J&K LG and Energy Development Department Nitishwar Kumar said the order issued by the Union Ministry of Energy will significantly increase the availability of electricity at J&K. The Union government has allocated additional power to J&K from the unallocated quota of power plants in the northern region pool.

The ordinance in this regard came into effect from Wednesday midnight.

J&K’s power supply development department is also making dedicated efforts on all fronts to meet the growing demand for power supply in UT. He was informed that between April 1 and April 25, the department allocated 52 crores to buy electricity on the open market, also known as energy trading. However, due to the increase in the number of auctions, electricity is only worth 1041 crores could be provided to J&K.

The energy development service also ensures optimum output of available energy sources. However, it is relevant to mention that thermal power plants account for 70% of the country’s electricity generation capacity. Thermal and hydroelectricity contribute 50 to 50% to meet UT’s demand.

The hydroelectric plants operate at reduced capacity in March and April due to the accumulation of snow which only begins to melt in May.

In April 2021, the electricity demand for the Jammu division was 830 MW per day.

In light of the increasing electricity demand in the Jammu and Kashmir division, Kumar examines the position of electricity availability on an hourly basis.

After detailed deliberations, Kumar directed the deployment of mid-level officers to network stations to oversee the feeding program.

It was advised that the reduction schedule by area be communicated to the public using all available platforms.

Widespread power cuts also affected water supplies in the Union Territory and the situation was bad in the plains of Jammu, where the mercury has already reached nearly 40 degrees Celsius.

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