CANNON PRO 2000W FSP output, fully modular power supply with a maximum output of 2000W


The FSP CANNON PRO 2000W modular power supply can output up to 2000W in an environment with an AC input voltage of 200–240V, 1500W in an 115–200V environment and 1200W in an 100–115V environment.

Additionally, it has 18 PCI-Express 6+2 pin slots, making it ideal for graphics-intensive systems, such as high-end workstations and mining. The cooling fan is a 135mm dual ball bearing fan, while the condenser is a Japanese-made 105° compatible condenser. In addition, the combination of the unique “MIA IC chipset” and DC-DC converter demonstrates exceptional power efficiency and stability. The 80 PLUS program, which serves as a barometer of energy efficiency, has been certified 80 PLUS GOLD 230V EU. The safety circuit includes OCP (over current protection), OVP (over voltage protection), SCP (short circuit protection), OPP (overload protection), OTP (over temperature protection ) and UVP (output undervoltage protection).

Since this is a large capacity PSU with a maximum of 2000W, there are a few precautions other than the attached cable when using it. The external measurements are 150mm in width, 200mm in depth, 86mm in height and 2.64kg in weight. Mean time between failure is 100,000 hours and the device is backed by a three-year warranty. As the supplied AC cable is for a 200V single phase residential outlet, it must be used in conjunction with a 100V outlet. The power supply will cost 439 EUR/USD.

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