Bill Gates advocates a nuclear “renaissance” to fight the energy crisis and climate change


Famous American businessman and investor Bill Gates promotes a “Renaissance” of nuclear energy as a key factor in tackling climate change, arguing that moving away from it would further complicate the already struggling energy supply.

The closure of nuclear reactors “will make it more difficult guarantee security of supply and low prices [de los recursos energéticos]”, Said the billionaire in a recent interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt. “We can’t rule out either solution until we have carefully considered the costs and safety. [de la transición energética]”he added.

Gates assures that the demand for electricity “will increase considerably because we use it not only to drive our cars, but also to heat houses and rebuild many factories. “In the opinion of the Microsoft co-founder, new nuclear reactors that are relatively safe and produce little waste could help avoid climate catastrophe.

At the same time, Gates is skeptical of expanding the construction of natural gas power plants, believing that “not a real transition technology“The businessman gave the example of Germany, which issues ‘credits over 30 or 40 years’ for new gas plants and, at the same time, has pledged to become a neutral country in carbon by 2045. These two actions, according to the computer scientist, can not go hand in hand.

Promoting the transition to renewable energies

The North American philanthropist has become one of the most influential voices in the world on the need to transition to renewable and cleaner energies than fossil fuels.

Last month, the tycoon managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from major U.S. companies to fund Revolutionary energy catalyst, a project launched earlier this year, which aims to finance, produce and purchase new solutions that will help support a zero carbon economy.

In a statement on the issue, Gates stressed that avoiding a climate catastrophe requires a “new industrial revolution”. “Half of the technology needed to achieve zero emissions does not yet exist or is too expensive, […] Catalyst is designed to change that and provide an effective way to invest in our future in clean technology, ”he said.

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