An electrician cuts the power to meet his girlfriend


Love makes us do crazy things. And sometimes the romantic gesture can turn into a huge inconvenience for everyone. Even if for the lovers in question, the malaise went unnoticed because as said above, love makes you blind.

The love story of an electrician and his girlfriend from Ganeshpur village in Purnia district of East Bihar took a wild turn when the former was caught by villagers for cutting the power supply.

The lovers met every day in the dark. In order for this to happen, the electrician would shut off the power to the village for a few hours so the lovers could spend some quality time with each other, reported The Tribune.

However, their paradise did not last long as the villagers began to doubt power cuts for two to three hours at a particular time in the evening for the past few months. Their doubts grew when they learned that their neighboring village was not experiencing any power cuts.

After a thorough investigation, the villagers were stunned and shocked to learn that the electrician cut off the electricity to meet his girlfriend.

Angry at this, the villagers beat the electrician, tonsured his head, then paraded him through the streets as punishment.

It doesn’t stop there. The villagers decided that the two lovers should marry. And so, in the presence of sarpanch, they married the lovers.

The local police station responsible for Vikas Kumar Azad said it had not received any complaints about it so far. “We have learned of the incident, but we will act once we receive a complaint,” Azad said as quoted by The Tribune.

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