Adm advice to ensure a reliable 24X7 power supply in UT

Adm advice to ensure a reliable 24X7 power supply in UT

The decision will allow the purchase of renewable energy at an estimated cost of Rs 2.52 per kWh (kilowatt hour) for the next 25 years, which is by far the lowest rate ever offered to J&K.
As a result, the Department of Energy has also received financial approval for Rs. 110.37 crore per year for the purchase of electricity from the Solar Energy Corporation of India.
The planned purchase of additional electricity will help JKPCL to partially meet the Renewable Power Purchase Obligation (RPO) set by the Government of India’s Department of Energy, in addition to ensuring increased reliability of the l energy due to the diversity in the electrical compartment of Jammu and Kashmir.
AC’s decision will also prioritize the production and use of renewable solar energy in line with the national effort to promote green energy for a reduction of the carbon footprint and mitigation of global warming. climate.
It is expected that with the addition of this power, the JKPCL will be better placed to meet the growing demand for electricity which has increased from UM 18,091,386 in 2020-21 to UM 19,500-2000 in the current fiscal year. .
The Power Development Department (PDD) has strived to ensure reliable 24/7 electricity in the main towns and villages of Jammu and Kashmir by increasing the assets at the transmission and distribution levels in under various centrally sponsored programs (flagship programs).
It is expected that with the completion of the current major flagship programs, the energy requirements will increase further and reach the mark of UM 22,000, thus creating a demand for an additional, stable and reliable supply of 300 to 500 MW.

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